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The creator of Bognor Regis Radio knew from an early age he was interested in broadcasting. At the age of eight he would use an elastic band to hold the talk button down on a toy intercom, place the transmitter in front of a record player and become a DJ! Paul's interest in radio never waned and saw him undertake radio ham training and join Bognor Citizen Band club as he got older.

Many years later Paul and a school friend Anthony were playing an online game called SecondLife where Anthony was guest DJ'ing in virtual clubs using a shoutcast server. Ever inquisitive, Paul started to investigate the world of internet radio which lead to him producing his own shoutcast server. This was the embryonic start of what became Bognor Regis Radio, with both of the friends DJ'ing in their own virtual club to people all over the world. Interestingly this was the birth of the now household name "International DJ Beavis Collins!".

The move from virtual to real world was almost accidental. While researching the capability of the RaspberryPI, Paul discovered a neat feature where one of the pins can be turned into a short range FM transmitter covering a distance of about six meters. The shoutcast stream by this time was lying dormant and unused, so Paul hooked the two together creating a very small radio station. Upon demonstrating this to Anthony a lively and enthusiastic conversation erupted! The friends decided to work together to create a local radio station to support and promote the town they had both grown up in. It was simple, Paul would create the technical infrastructure as he had already made good headway in the field and Anthony would organise the content, by managing the shows and DJ's. Both having autonomy in there respective areas. To date this has proved a very successful arrangement.

In the future it is hoped that Bognor Regis Radio will continue to grow, and support even more worthwhile charities and events. Anthony and Paul would like to adopt more transimtion methods such as FM or DAB radios however that will require a much larger funding model.

If you like what we are doing and think you can help, please contact us.


If you would like to support Bognor Regis Radio in our mission to setup a local radio station focused on Bognor Regis and the surrounding areas, you can make a donation below. The money we receive in donations will help meet the running costs such as licensing and internet services.

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